Vacations Aren't Frivolous, They're Investments in Our Well-Being

Vacations Aren't Frivolous, They're Investments in Our Well-Being

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Everywhere I turn recently I come across people who schedule their annual vacations before they schedule any other personal or professional commitments.

These people prioritize their happiness, health and well-being before all else.

They know they need vacations to refuel themselves to be their best.  

I have only very recently climbed aboard the “schedule your vacation first” bandwagon. The value of doing so became crystal clear to me this year.

I had been craving time at the beach for several months but took no action to make it happen. Then my daughter called me this spring to suggest we take a mother-daughter trip together. Of course!

After considering various destinations, we settled on Cape Cod, a place very special to my family and my favorite destination on the planet.

As soon as I crossed the bridge from mainland Massachusetts onto the Cape, I felt my whole body relax. It was like one long exhale.

By the end of our glorious week together – sun, ocean, laughter, great conversations, good meals, beautiful scenery – I felt renewed. Why did I wait so long?

Lesson learned.

I am currently planning and scheduling my two-week 2020 vacation!

Don’t wait until you’re exhausted and running on empty before you take a break. Schedule a get-away today.

Choose to be happy, healthy and productive.

It’s as simple as scheduling your vacation first.

Let me know how I can help.

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Don't Assume... ASK!

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