Does Your Calendar Reflect Your Values?

Does Your Calendar Reflect Your Values?

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Living our values is living our truths.

Living our truths is living with joy.

I bet you can easily and quickly list the 5-10 most important people and activities in your life.

Your list probably includes some of the following: spouse, partner, children, pets, parents, siblings, close friends, community, house of worship, home, exercise, sports, hobby, travel, colleagues and work.

Now look at your calendar. How many of those 5-10 items appear in the next week? Next month?

If you score at least 90%, then give yourself a gold star. You may stop reading now.

If you scored below 90%, don’t beat yourself up.

You have the best of intentions. The problem is the disconnect between your intentions and the rest of your life.

The solution is to schedule these people and activities on your calendar just as you would a client call or a staff meeting.

When we see the item on our calendar, we take it more seriously. It’s official. It’s important.

This includes walking around the block for 10 minutes at lunchtime, calling your parents to check in with them, being home for dinner with your kids (even if you must do some work later), and meeting your bff for coffee early Sunday morning.

My clients who schedule what is most important to them have a much higher success rate of living their values than those who don’t. I have celebrated with them when they exercise more, eat a healthier diet, stay in closer contact with friends and family, and pursue passions and interests.

Now you may be thinking, “But, Phyllis, do I really have to schedule everything?”

Yes, if you haven’t been living your values as fully as you desire.

Yes, if you feel crummy about yourself too often because you’re not living your truths.

Yes, if you want to live with greater joy.

Let me know how I can help.

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