Happy Clients

“I first worked with Phyllis as my professional coach. Under her expert tutelage, I learned one simple but powerful phrase that has transformed my life, “what’s the worst that can happen?” Thanks to Phyllis, those six words opened up unlimited professional possibilities for me, which I continue to explore even today. When I was later charged with inspiring young lawyers to chart their own career success, I immediately called on Phyllis to facilitate a workshop for minority associates on how to effectively navigate the law firm. I have no doubt they too continue to benefit from Phyllis’ sage advice.”

Stacy Hawkins, Associate Professor, Rutgers Law School

“Phyllis was the kick-off speaker for the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Women’s Leadership Initiative in Washington, DC.  She was the perfect choice!  Her presentation was substantive and engaging, and she clearly held the attention of the packed room.  Phyllis has a rare and natural ability to connect with the audience, as evidenced by the rapt attention of the attendees and the long line of people waiting to speak with her when she finished. Phyllis brings deep understanding of what it takes to succeed as a leader and is able to convey her message in a fun, down-to-earth delivery.  I would highly recommend her as speaker.”

Marta Goldsmith, COO & Senior Vice President, LRG Inc.


“While developing the Rising Stars program at Holland & Knight 14 years ago, I knew I wanted to include a unique support program  for professional women in the legal profession. I decided to engage Phyllis as a life coach for the inaugural year. Since then, Phyllis has been the only life coach we have used for the program. In the annual evaluation of the program, Phyllis stands out as a highlight of the program. She has worked with over 50 women and all report back how helpful she has been to their achieving their professional and personal goals. Her unique style, supportive and genuine feedback and individualist approach is terrific.”

Janis Schiff, Partner, Holland + Knight, LLP

“Phyllis is an incomparable coach, consultant, and keynote speaker. Her in-depth knowledge of law firm operations and her proven success as a sought after coach, coupled with her engaging and tailored presentation style, made her the obvious choice to launch the Baker Botts Global Women’s Forum, and to re-energize the program five years later. Phyllis also served as my personal coach and, on a daily basis, I use the concrete and practical tools that she taught me to enhance my personal and professional development.”

Sylvia F. James, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Winston & Strawn LLP


“Phyllis’ coaching helped push me to another level in my career. She enabled me to see beyond what I considered to be my limitations so I could focus instead on my evidenced successes. Her coaching strengthened my confidence and made me much more effective and efficient at my job. She is not only a fantastic coach, but she is also such a joy to work with.”

Colleen Gans, Counsel-Real Estate, Apple

“Phyllis provided to our team beneficial insight on how to be the most effective advocates in the long run by having greater balance in our lives. I’ve applied her lessons and stress busters to my life and it has undoubtedly helped me to stay more focused and composed.”

Alli Clute, Corporate Outreach Coordinator, Farm Animal Protection, Humane Society of the United States


I attended Phyllis’ “Smart is Not Enough” community-wide presentation and was “wowed”! She is articulate, energetic and completely engaging.  Phyllis has an almost innate way of connecting with the audience and making everyone feel as if her words are meant specifically for them.  She is the ultimate speaker – knowledgeable, prepared, enthusiastic, funny, warm and completely engaging.”

Lise Bram, Director of Marketing and Communications, Anxiety and Depression Association of America

“Every coaching session with Phyllis gives me clarity and energizes me to tackle the next assignment, project, or obstacle. I trust her and know she is fully committed to my growth and development. Early on in the process Phyllis took the time to understand me, my past accomplishments and future goals. She then helped me broaden my understanding of my gifts and guided me to redefine important aspirations in my personal life and career. The coaching experience with Phyllis has pushed me to new levels.”

Alisa Smedley, Reentry Employment Coordinator, County Prison System