Workshops and Retreats


Self-Care Retreat for Women Social Justice Activists

Give yourself a full-day immersion to restore your energy and reclaim your peace. Destress, learn tools and techniques, and leave with personalized work products that will have you living with greater joy and ease while doing your critically important work.

All materials provided.


Authentic Life Design: Create Your Unique Vision Board

Gain clarity on what you truly want, let go of what’s in your way, and connect with your true dreams. You'll leave with a plan and a vision board to use daily to make your dreams come true.

All materials provided.

tree of balanced life colorful.jpg

Tree of Balanced Life: Truth, Myths, and How to Achieve It

Strong trees with deep roots might sway, but they don't topple over. Learn how to achieve true life balance by examining the roots that stabilize you, the trunk that grows upward, and the leaves that give meaning.

You'll leave with new clarity about balancing your life and your own tree as a daily reminder.

All materials provided.

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Negotiation Skills for Women: Get What You Want, Get What You Deserve

Negotiations are part of life, from buying a new car, upping your salary to closing a business deal. These conversations are challenging for everyone, but often more so for women for a variety of reasons.

Learn and practice what works, what doesn't, and how we can effectively negotiate as ourselves. Really!

All workshops are given throughout the year OR on request.