Phyllis Levinson Certified Life Coach Since 2002 - DC Metro Area
Skyrocket Your Career: 5 Changes Every Woman Can Make Today by Phyllis Levinson, Certified Life Coach DC Metro Area

Coaching Services

I can suggest tried and true topics that audiences have loved, or I can customize a workshop, webinar or speech to your wishes.

Why Coaching?

Coaching provides expert support for moving you forward in life. 

  • Coaching is a safe, non-judgmental, confidential, and skilled process to move you forward.

  • Coaching gives you tools and perspectives for life.

  • Coaching is customized.

  • Coaching is a lifetime investment in YOU.

Free Coaching Tips

My blog is a wealth of life tips, ideas, and musings to make you go "hmmm..." With many years of material, you have plenty to read!

My Clients

My typical client is a smart, professional, motivated woman who is ready to “upgrade” her life to better advocate and care for herself, set healthy boundaries, eliminate “shoulds,” minimize stress, pursue passions, achieve greater balance, have increased energy, love her work, and be more confident to live her ideal life.


You have the power to shift your perspective on anything you want.

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A Woman's Perspective

I was you. I am you.

Marriage. Motherhood. Working mom. Stay-at-home mom. Empty nester.

Private sector. Non-profit sector.

Had a boss. Self-employed. Changed careers.

I get it.