LIFE-KU: 101 Life Coaching Tips, 17 Syllables at a Time

Debuted at #9 on Amazon next to Oprah at #8!


An easy-to-read guide on how to live with greater joy, overcome obstacles, take good care of yourself, and nurture healthy relationships.

Start at the beginning, choose a chapter, or open in the middle - you'll find plenty of "aha" moments throughout this book.


Haiku from LIFE-KU


Our fear of failure

   Keeps us from living our dream

      Fall down? Get back up!

Words to abolish

  "Perfectionism" and "I should"

     To be happier.

Be an advocate

   For yourself and your beliefs

      If not you, then who?

Amazon Reviews


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"A unique perspective on handling life's issues."

"This book is a rare gem."

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