Empowerment is an Inside Job

Empowerment is an Inside Job


 Power over others can be assigned.

Power to take a particular action can be assigned.

Feeling powerful cannot be assigned. Like all beliefs, feeling empowered is an inside job.

Great leaders know how to use their power to empower others. They can preach, motivate and inspire their followers to pursue a path.

But - and this is important - if a follower doesn’t feel worthy or valuable, no amount of external lecturing and coaxing will change their feeling of being empowered.

If you don’t feel empowered in your life, change that. You’re the only one who can do so.

You can accomplish what you want.

You can obtain your goals.

You can handle whatever comes your way.

It’s within your control. It’s learnable.

How do I know this?

Because every day I coach women to own their power. To live their lives, their way.

Are you ready?

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