Empowered Women, Empowered Leaders

Empowered Women, Empowered Leaders

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Feeling empowered is an “inside job.” Leadership is an “outside job.”

Empowered women make great empowered leaders. They are self-aware, confident and embrace learning from others.

Empowered leaders command and give respect. Respecting yourself teaches people to respect you as well. Those yelling bosses and snarky neighbors can only yell and “snark” at you with your permission. Likewise, empowered leaders communicate respectfully without needing to resort to raised voices or fist pounding.

Empowered leaders create healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries assure you take care of yourself emotionally and physically by putting structures in place. Healthy boundaries mean you are not “on call” for everyone in your life.

Empowered leaders advocate for themselves and their ideas. You may not always get your way, but you can always be heard. If not you, then who?

Empowered leaders speak powerfully. Leaders don’t apologize for disagreeing or having an opinion. Powerful speech is respectful of others without belittling your own dignity.

Empowered leaders act with integrity. When you feel empowered, you act authentically and consistently.

Empowered leaders move ahead in the face of fear and trepidation. You speak up in meetings even when you’re feeling skittish. You go out on stage to speak even when your heart is racing and your stomach is doing flip flops.  

Empowered leaders subscribe to a win-win philosophy, not to a zero-sum viewpoint. We can all rise. We can all be heard. We all matter.

Empowered leaders empower others.

Now go own your power.

The world is waiting for you to lead.




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