The Gift They'll Keep Forever

The Gift They'll Keep Forever

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By all means, shop for that cozy scarf for your sister and the beautiful coffee table book for your BFF.

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving. Fun!

However, there is one gift you can give in addition to the ones wrapped in beautiful paper tied with gorgeous ribbon. It won’t cost a penny even though it’s priceless.

This is the gift of telling someone how grateful you are for them.

There are as many ways to express gratitude for another person as there are persons.

I’m grateful for your friendship.

I’m grateful I get to spend time with you at the holidays.

I’m grateful for how you make me laugh.

I’m grateful for your constant encouragement.

I’m grateful for what a great role model you are.

I’m grateful for your hugs.

I’m grateful for all you’ve taught me.

I’m grateful we get to work together.

I’m grateful for…

You can speak these words out loud and/or write them in a card.

They’ll love the scarf and coffee table book, but it’s the expressed gratitude that will bring a lasting smile to their hearts and happy tears to their eyes.

And nothing is better than happy tears.

Don’t forget the tissues.


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