When to Call It Quits

When to Call It Quits

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Giving up.

Moving on.

Breaking up.

It’s not always easy to know when to call it quits.

At what point do you say “enough” with a project, business, discussion, relationship or job?

The answer is a three-step, full body process.

First, start with your head where you’ll get lots of rational input, much of it centered around why you should not quit. The job pays well so it’s worth putting up with a verbally abusive boss. Your boyfriend is smart, reliable and gainfully employed, so just overlook his total lack of a sense of humor even though you love to laugh.

Second, move down to your heart and your gut. Yes, the job pays well, but no one has the right to bully you out of your well-being. Yes, your boyfriend is a great guy but OMG, you need to laugh.  

Third, go back to your head to work out a rational plan. Update your resume, contact your network, and dive into a job search. Kindly break up with your boyfriend and then get back into the dating world (if that’s what you want).

If needed, continue the mind-heart-gut-mind loop until you’ve called it quits YOUR way.

Calling it quits can be very challenging and stressful. Change often is.

But you can get through it with compassion for yourself and others AND come out whole.

You can do this.

Be good to yourself. 

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