How Well Do You Advocate for Yourself?

How Well Do You Advocate for Yourself?

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Women are terrific advocates. For others.

I have witnessed women executive directors get into heated debates with their boards of directors on behalf of an employee.

I have known women senior law partners go to great lengths to help a struggling associate.

And then there are the moms. There are no better advocates than a mother out to protect and provide for her child.

My son calls me mama bear. I earned the title on behalf of my cubs. (Sometime I’ll write about the sit-in I staged on behalf of my son.)

Yet there are times when my clients and I have been less great at advocating for ourselves.  

We are not wimpy women. My clients are incredibly successful in their careers and didn’t get there by being meek.

However, insecurities emerge when ideas are shot down.

Self-doubt creeps in when told to wait another year before going for equity partner.

Self-confidence gets shaken when overlooked to head a major, high-profile project.

Rather than standing firm in our earned greatness, we go to our dark place of maybe-I’m-not-good-enough-after-all.

Imagine what it would feel like to say “no” to our insecurities and “hell no” to being overlooked!

Imagine saying, “You made a mistake by not choosing me.”

Yes, it may be scary and you may feel a bit nauseous hearing those words come out of your mouth. But just imagine the pride you’ll feel.

Even if nothing changes in that moment, I promise you nothing will ever be the same again. You’ll have put yourself on the radar and you’ll have made yourself seen in a new, more powerful way.

It’s time to become a mama bear to yourself.

Let me know how I can help.

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