Let’s Talk About Failure

Let’s Talk About Failure

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Everyone fails.

No one chooses to fail.

Failure feels yucky.


What are the other options?

Never trying?

Staying still?

Playing it safe?


Here’s the secret: there is no such thing as never failing even if you think you’re playing it safe.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Because by living small and never trying something new – job, relationship, activity – is failing at your own life.

Imagine never pursuing your dreams, aspirations, interests or curiosities for fear that they, aka you, will not work out. What a painful way to live.

There is no alternative to LIVING OUT LOUD. Staying small makes us feel small. Feeling small makes us feel unseen. Feeling unseen makes us feel unloved.

Try new things, go new places, make new friends, learn new skills, join new groups, play new games, share new ideas, try a new job, take on new roles…

They won’t all work out for you. You won’t like or stick with everything you try. Heaven knows you won’t be good at everything.

And yes, you’ll even fail to some degree at some attempts.

But you’ll become a fuller person with no regrets.

Regrets are far more painful than failures.

So, go for it.

Do your life, your way.

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