On Bucket Lists

On Bucket Lists

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I have mixed feelings about bucket lists.

On one hand, it is imperative to have dreams and goals. After all, my life’s work is helping people achieve their ideal personal and professional lives.

On the other hand, I have seen people use their bucket lists to live in the future rather than enjoying their present. “Someday” becomes their mantra.  

·       Someday I’ll travel.

·       Someday I’ll have a job I like.

·       Someday I’ll have time to read for pleasure.

·       Someday I’ll learn to cook, paint, play the guitar…

·       Someday I’ll have more time to hang out with my family and friends.

When does someday become today? How will you know?

Life is busy and we can’t do everything at once. But we can do more than we tell ourselves.

·       We can take a week to travel somewhere.

·       We can find a job we like better.

·       We can read for pleasure in bed each night for only 10 minutes.

·       We can begin to learn a new interest or hobby by watching videos.

·       We can enjoy family and friends by scheduling an afternoon, a day or even a weekend.  

Revisit your bucket list. How much of it are delay tactics? What can you begin now?

None of us are promised tomorrow.

Get going. Today.





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