From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence

From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence

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Even the most confident among us has moments of self-doubt.

I see this in myself. I see this in my clients.

When these moments occur, we need to examine the root of our insecurity. Not just to alleviate the yucky feeling, but to learn and grow.

Where is this lack of confidence coming from? Identifying the source of self-doubt, bringing it into the light where it can be examined, is our path to emotional freedom.

Did someone say something that reignites that old wound you thought had healed?

Did you have a moment of feeling unsuccessful when you bumped into a former colleague who now has your dream home and career?

Did you feel your “fooled them again” imposter syndrome came to an end when you were the only one at a dinner party who didn’t read an apparently important article?

Here’s a fact: we all have these moments. No one, not even those who appear to ooze self-confidence, escape moments of self-doubt.

The key is to stop berating ourselves long enough to do the self-reflective work required to move on:

·       What “button” of yours is being pushed?

·       What is it that you wish were different?

·       What steps do you need to take to make a change?

You can make self-doubt your launch pad into self-confidence. This isn’t always easy, but it is certainly very, very doable.

I have no doubt you can do this.

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