Lessons Learned from a Frustrating Day

Lessons Learned from a Frustrating Day

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I love technology.

I am grateful to live in a time where every part of life is enhanced by technology, from education to medicine to communication.  

However, one day two months ago I hated technology because technology hated me. Yes, I am taking this personally. No, don’t try to coach me out of that.

I was simply trying to integrate my website, which I created by myself (hold your applause), with an email marketing platform. I watched training videos, read training instructions, and chatted with online help. It seemed very doable.

I was tackling this tech challenge because my virtual assistant ended up not being nearly as proficient as I thought, or as she presented. In my self-imposed sense of urgency, I felt that I didn’t have time to look for someone new, and instead blocked out a whole day to do it myself. Ha!

Eight hours later I had minimal integration with very limited use. Serious frustration set in around hour five. Hour eight found me eating melted (vegan) cheese on half a bagel while watching a DIY video on YouTube.

Frustration indeed.

Then I decided to do what I coach others to do: pause, breathe, reflect.

I thought about what I really need. Where was I flailing? What were my strengths and weaknesses? Where did I most need help?

I decided to look for help locally so I could, when necessary, meet face-to-face for my own learning purposes.

I posted my needs in Nextdoor, that wonderful virtual bulletin board, and the perfect person replied within ten minutes. We’ve been working together ever since.

Lesson learned:

1.      Stop when the frustration reaches a high enough level that you become unproductive and turn to bagels and watching crafting videos.

2.      Think creatively about what you really need to solve your problem. Don’t assume what worked in the past (e.g., a virtual assistant) is what you need now.

3.      Ask for help even if it costs money. You wouldn’t stitch up your own wound or change your own transmission. Know when to go to an expert.

My frustrating day ended with fireworks lighting up my Fitbit as I reached my goal.

I love technology. Again.

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