Finding Peace at Home

Finding Peace at Home

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“Home should be respite

   From work, school, obligations

      Need soft place to land.”

          LIFE-KU: 101 Life Coaching Tips, 17 Syllables at a Time by Phyllis Levinson


We all need “home,” that place of safety and security where we are most ourselves and at peace.

It’s where we exhale.

Home is a feeling. Home is where we return to after navigating the rest of our lives out in the world.

Home “feels” like you. Home doesn’t need to be fancy or impressive, it just needs to make you smile. Colors, textures, flow are ones that make your heart sing.  

We all need a “soft place to land” in our busy, demanding lives. After driving on hard roads, walking on hard sidewalks, sitting at hard desks, coming home should feel like falling into the softest, fluffiest pillows ever.

Home as respite is true whether you live alone or with others.

Is your home your respite?

If so, you’re all set.

If not, what needs to change? What might be preventing you from making a change? How can you resolve this?



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