Change Your Story to be Happier

Change Your Story to be Happier

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We tell ourselves stories to make sense of our world.

These stories often reinforce our world view, either to our betterment or to our detriment.

You can change your story if you want to be happier. My clients are proof of this.

The following are two very different versions of the same recent event in my life.  

Story Version One

Today was incredibly comforting and indulgent.

I reclined in a very comfortable chair and was given sound proof headphones to listen to Enya. I consumed a relaxing cocktail that made every muscle in my body rest and I couldn’t help but smile. I had people tending to my every need. I faced a large window that framed a beautiful outdoor scene of near naked fall trees and a bird bath. After about two hours, my chair back was raised and I was given a hot towel to dab on my face.

I left feeling well cared for and grateful.

Story Version Two

Today was a total bummer.

I spent nearly two hours at the dentist while he drilled out two very old fillings I received as a child. Ugh. My mouth was numb and now I must live with temporary crowns on those teeth for a month until the permanent crowns are made. As if that’s not bad enough, I have to be careful not to chew anything hard on that side of my mouth. Oh yeah, this whole thing is costing thousands of dollars and I don’t have dental insurance.

Why me?!

Language is everything

Version One is all about gratitude that I have the means to correct a problem in the best possible way.

Version Two is all about fictitious thinking that nothing challenging should ever happen to me. It’s a perfect set up to be disappointed daily.

You get to choose your story. What’s yours?


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